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Liberated is a lifestyle platform that encourages the choice to unlock personal potential and create positive pathways to growth. Living a liberated lifestyle means creating your own rules, being mindful and disciplined about what serves your best self. By applying concepts of minimalism to personal style choices and lifestyle routines, Chandler hopes to grow a community of individuals looking to embrace a simplified and joyful life. 

Chandler Stephens an Atlanta based artist and designer. Self taught and disciplined, Chandler brings to her practice a feminine yet bold approach, evoking power and natural beauty. Her work focuses on the dynamic expression of life through the female form juxtaposed with botanical illustration. The use of symmetry as well as geometric shapes and lines brings balance to the pieces she creates. Chandler takes hand drawn illustrations to create designs that are used to elevate the women and entrepreneurs she works with. She allows for the time and space for self discovery, and explores the workings of the mind to connect topics of wellness and positivity to the symbols used in her pieces. As an artist, Chandler is continuously developing and hopes to inspire others through her own transformative work. 

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