Super Power


I’m inspired to share my journey to personal liberation with you, especially today! We are in a new month, which means new opportunities to learn, grow, heal, and find ways to free yourself. There is so much power and potential inside us all, waiting to be birthed and nurtured. I’ve taken a lot of time this year to challenge myself and to unlearn behaviors that don’t serve my highest self. What I’ve come to realize is that power is going to look and feel different at different stages in life. Tapping into that strength is a practice, and it involves using mind, body, and soul (intellect, instinct, and intuition) to rise into your power.


I’ve spent far too much time giving my power away to stressful/unfulfilling jobs, to minimum effort friendships/relationships, and to the negativity that can so easily slip into the aura around us. I choose to take that power back, and to care for the power that’s still inside, ready to do something remarkable. There’s freedom in that awareness of positive energy brewing internally. You gain freedom that cannot be taken away when you decide to give energy to the things that feed your inner strength.


An important question to ask yourself in any situation is, “what does being powerful entail?” Being powerful, to me, means making choices that will support and not hinder my growth. Power is saying and doing what is necessary with patience, compassion, understanding, and honesty. Power is in the execution of the small tasks and jobs that make up the big picture. Power means facing hardship, tough emotions, and uncharted territory while staying calm and determined. Power is letting your diligence be an example of living with strength. Power is awareness of who you are, what you are becoming, and the truth of your voice. Power is letting your actions exemplify what you believe.


Take inventory of what gives you power and what blocks it, and use that awareness for your greater good. What ways, big or small, will you exercise your power and mental strength this month? I’m excited to see you all shining and using your power to enhance your life and the lives of those around you!

Let’s get free, one powerful moment at a time.