Liberated is a platform that applies concepts of minimalism as a lifestyle and fashion choice to unlock personal potential and create positive pathways to growth. 

Living a liberated lifestyle is about creating your own rules and being mindfully disciplined about what serves your best self. 

I decided to start this blog after honestly addressing some questions that appeared in my life: 

  • What is holding you back from feeling and being 100% you?
  • What steps are you willing to take to feel truly liberated?
  • What are you willing to change to cultivate inner peace and joy?


Let's journey together to answer these questions and create better lifestyle choices that will cultivate joy and simplicity in our lives. 

FULL DISCLOSURE: It's taken pain and triumph, loss and progress, letting go and running forward, to arrive at this space -- liberated from anything that presents itself as an obstacle. I definitely do not have it all figured out. But I do have stories to share that you may relate to, methods that allow me to feel more free throughout the day, and a strong desire to learn and apply ways to cultivate personal freedom.

The world and society changes, and so must we. The more active we are in making changes in our lifestyle that aid to personal growth, the more rapidly we can make a difference in the communities around us. By honing in on the best parts of ourselves, we can operate on new levels that defy traditional or expected ways of living. 

I hope this blog will serve as an outlet to a different perspective and a platform to have interactive conversations about finding meaning in your personal style and incorporating simplicity in your lifestyle. 

I love to share what works for me in organizing my daily life and what brings me peace and joy, and I'm thrilled to show you a more in-depth visual representation of my lifestyle and personal style choices. More simply put, I love anything that makes life more beautiful. 

Thanks for reading!

(Photography: Jer'Maine Jones