Developing Vulnerability & Mindfulness


We’re officially in the swing of 2019, and it’s already looking like a dope year at just 3 weeks in. I’ve been researching and planning for the year ahead, and staying grateful for each moment that I can feel the love and growth of a healthier lifestyle. I was recently featured on Voyage Dallas with a brief interview on my story and how I aim to inspire others with my truth. I’m so blessed and honored to be seen and recognized, and that just gives me more motivation to continue on my journey of discovery and self care. Check it out when you get the chance!

With the energy of the beginning of the calendar year, eclipses, and the general momentum of an unfolding life, I wanted to share my process on developing mindfulness and staying vulnerable as a tool to personal success. Our society has been embracing self care and happier lifestyles as we all begin to raise our awareness of and standards for our true selves. It’s important to continually remind ourselves (through practice, affirmations, mantras, etc) that there is a higher purpose within. The energy that you put out is a reflection of the quality of your thoughts. I still have work to do with increasing my positive self-talk, but I’m thankful for the time I’ve spent developing tactics, habits, and the skill set to motivate myself everyday.

As a non-negotiable part of my daily routine, mindfulness cultivates positivity and sharper decision making through clarity and calmness of thought. Committing 20 minutes (at the bare minimum) of my morning to meditation and mindfulness completely transforms my day-to-day because it puts me in a mindset for expansion, peace, discernment, and joy. Moving in that space has helped me develop an evolving self-care practice that helps me release the energy of past trauma, poor self esteem, and negativity. Mindfulness is a daily choice to get in tune with myself, a daily practice of cultivating peace, a daily commitment to strengthening my spirit. It is possible to change the way you think, and it starts with a choice to honor yourself with the time and space to develop a more peaceful mind.


When you are committed to being vulnerable and mindful, you are inviting all opportunities for growth. Expanding your mind to create new pathways for positivity and tranquility, rather than negativity and anxiety, gives you the chance to experience life in fullness. There is a purpose for every emotion, and the only way to get of out of the potential entrapment of emotion is to go THROUGH. Feeling your way through things, even if it’s painful, gives you the power to face any situation with less fear. When you decide to be unafraid of facing the wide range of emotions that we as humans face, you will know how to identify how you feel when different circumstances arise, and you can decide what you’re going to do about it.

Vulnerability is an emotion in itself, and it’s also a choice to remain open, fluid, and flexible. It’s a beautiful tool that, when embraced fully, will change the way you flow through life. When you’re able to name how you feel, you can start to see what steps or actions were taken to get to that point. With that reflection, you can pinpoint habits that lead to your mood and your subsequent choices. The mind is powerful and will continue to facilitate habits (whether good or bad) so that it can work harder at other, newer tasks. With proper discipline, working to understand, train, and control aspects of your mind will drastically change the quality of your life.

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