GANG GANG - Being YOU Helps Your Community

Photo credit:  Emily McCartney

Photo credit: Emily McCartney

Hey y'all! It's been a few wild weeks, but I'm back like I never left. I've been taking inventory of my thought life, my short and long term goals, my energy, and what I surround myself with, just to ensure that I'm still aligned with the intentions I set in the beginning of 2018. One of the goals I set this year is to root myself in a community that is supportive, creative, positive, and flowing in the same direction. I knew that this would manifest itself at the right moment, and that the community I would find myself in would spur me on in becoming exactly who I need to be. So it's no surprise that I've now found myself vibing, growing, working, and loving with the folks I have in my corner.

Things are aligning in a way that allows me believe more in myself and others and to rely on our manifestation power to make our lives more rich. I'm constantly receiving reminders that right relationships, right moments, and right risks add to the ability to be completely myself and completely free. (And you'll know when it's right because it feels right). Being around the right energy has helped me think more clearly, to see myself more authentically, and to continue on my journey, walking with purpose.

I previously struggled with the balancing act of giving out energy, and feeling depleted because the people (community) I relied on weren't reciprocating the kind of energy I put out. But this feels different. This moment in life feels distinctively important. I'm coming into my own as a woman, as an artist, and as a member of a larger collective. I'm starting to fully understand how important it is to keep it 100 with yourself so you can be a real resource of authenticity and love for others. When you're walking in genuine honesty, when you walk with authenticity, you invite and allow others to be genuine, honest, and real with you as well.

Being real with myself looks different at different stages in my life and in different circumstances. But the common denominator in that realness is consistent communication. I've taken the time to observe and analyze the messages I'm putting out in my appearance, with my speech, and in the actions I take that accumulate to form my unique personality. After reflecting on times where I've been misunderstood, judged, treated unfairly, or disrespected, I can sort out what's in my control and what is not. If I'm not grounded, if I'm feeling blocked creatively, if I'm losing myself to my emotions, then I'm attracting things that are wavering, unproductive, harmful to my mental health, and chaotic. When I take time to connect with myself and my roots, when I'm going with the flow of creative energy, when I'm in control of my emotions, I'm able to manifest and cultivate the exact energy, people, and things around me for my success and for the betterment of others.

When there's a community of creative, intellectual, and sensitive individuals, all striving to achieve similar and shared goals, it only makes sense for all members to strive for authenticity through reflection, education, application, and self-care. The community benefits when each of us are using habits of discipline, focus, and openness to reach common and individual goals. The benefit of going through the journey of self-reflection, incremental changes, and attaining creative control in a community of forward-thinking individuals is that each of us can serve as a mirror to one another. In community, we are all in the trenches and at the mountain tops TOGETHER. Actively working on discipline, self-control, creative release, and authentic expression on an individual level leads to the elevation and evolution of the community at large. Real community fosters the ideas, works, and goals of the individual. Real community helps nurture growth without the impediment of fear, confusion, and misplaced trust. Real community exists as a result of harmony within ourselves, first.

Each of us has a purpose to live out while we're here. Your purpose unfolds everyday that you seek authenticity, develop deeper connections, and practice positive engagement with the world around you. Your community benefits from your willingness to be 100% yourself, allowing your purpose and impact to expand further than you can imagine. You don't have to do life by yourself. But you do have to do life AS yourself. Be yourself, all the way, and you'll start to attract the kind of community that is most beneficial for your progression. Be yourself, all the way, and your community will start to flourish in more ways than you can see. Be yourself, all the way, and the universe will align to give you more positivity, more peace, and more purpose. 

I hope you've taken away something that can help you keep it real with yourself and your crew. (Chances are, you're already dope AF though). Just remember, the best thing you can be is YOU, and everything (and everyone) else will fall into place.